Friday, 7 March 2014


Silence is the call of the divine!
Noise is how we try to understand any communication,
No different from the bovine.

Silence is the medium for transformation of the soul!
Noise is the way of transaction of ideas and thoughts through words,
Eerily like an animal’s howl.

Silence is singular and omnipresent, yet not listened to by many!
Noise is varied in form, tone and pitch,
Yet conveys little to a limited number of listeners, if any.

Silence, when deep, will open the floodgates of tears!
Noise, when loud,
Will force one to close both ears.

Silence is easy to practice, even in large groups!
Noise isn’t that easy to avoid,
Even in small troops.

Silence pervades deep within and can result in instinctive action!
Noise prevails at surface level,
And mostly results in impulsive reaction.

Silence establishes a strong connection between the transmitter (Guru) and the receiver (seeker)!
Noise the weakest connection between two,
That conveys very little to a listener from the speaker.

Silence is practiced by most beings other than human, living or not!
Noise is prevalent among humans,
Who don’t care to comprehend this gift that all other beings got.

Silence is the white light that illuminates the soul and guides one on the journey to self-realization!
Noise is the black hole that sucks away all energy,
And misguides one on the tour of self-preservation.

Silence is the symphony where the body, mind and soul synchronize in perfect harmony!
Noise is the cacophony that tears apart any semblance of vibration,
Resulting in utter disharmony.

Silence is the gentle breeze that lets one sway to the tune of nature!
Noise is the typhoon that blasts away one’s ability to listen,
Reducing all and sundry to a mere caricature.

Silence is the only manure ever needed for the self to blossom!
Noise over a long tenure will drown one,
Inside a painful, worry filled chasm.

Silence is the source of creation, emanating from the sacred AUM!
Noise is the cause of destruction,
Encircling us in a meaningless word filled storm.

Silence is the eternal state of bliss, for all realized beings!
Noise is the infernal state that has gone amiss,
For most human beings.

For all those who chose to merely exist in this lifetime,
Noise holds sway.
For the few who chose to live Life the way it is, 
Silence is the Way!
Note: All photographs belong to Isha Foundation.

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