Monday, 13 January 2014

Eternal Divine!

yonderly Space’s still Emptiness
glittering Star’s bewitching Wink
expansive Sky’s endless Vastness
morphing Cloud’s squelchy Texture
blazing Lightning’s blinding Speed
hammering Thunder’s forceful Clatter
incessant Rain’s gentle Splatter
colorful Rainbow’s blending Hue

bottomless Ocean’s ceaseless Waves
rapturous Waterfall’s continuous Fall
rollicking River’s formless Flow
trickling Spring’s spreading Flood
shoreline Tree’s cooling Shadow
towering tree Trunk’s sprawling Branches
extending Branches’ extensive Leaves
outstretching Foliage’s multihued Green

wafting Wind’s gentle Breeze
leaning Bamboo’s soothing Tune
stagnant Pond’s floating Lotus
fragrant Flower’s blooming Petals
rugged Rock’s static Waiting
shrubby Grass’ flexing Tenderness
mighty Mountain’s towering Peaks
silent Earth’s endless Patience

wakeless Night’s inky Darkness
waking Dawn’s glowing Light
chatty Crow’s throaty Caw
prancing Cock’s chirpy Cackle
cheery Macaw’s senseless Chatter
cooing Cuckoo’s verseless Song
dancing Peacock’s painted Feather
sprightly Doe’s fretful Eyes

bouncy Puppy’s friendly Waggle
frenetic Fox’s frightening Yelp
majestic Horse’s methodical Trot
manic Monkey’s gravity defying Leap
regal Tiger’s fearsome Roar
nimble Cheetah’s rapid Sprint
imperial Lion’s imposing Mane
elegant Elephant’s elastic Trunk

supple Frog’s throaty Croak
busier Bee’s piercing Buzz
slithering Snake’s fiery Hiss
soaring Bird’s flapless Flight
stealthy Croc’s serrated Skin
slippery Fish’s sinuous Swim
cagey Spider’s symmetric Web
assiduous Ant’s restless Run

sturdy Bull’s solid Hump
serene Cow’s spongy Udder
caring Mother’s tender Hug
daring Father’s endless Effort
zestful Family’s zany Cheer
colorful Festival’s cheerful fête
bubbly Baby’s pristine Smile
effervescent Child’s energetic Play

brawny Youth’s manic Vigor
liquefying Love’s succulent Sweetness
feisty Feminine’s melting Warmth
spirited Masculine’s striking Strength
gluing Relationship’s melding Bond
forlorn Separation’s fettering Link
immense Wealth’s drunken Stupor
intense Loss’ piercing Pain

enchanting Music’s mellifluous Sound
enthralling Dance’s hypnotic Moves
sprawling Temple’s striking Tower
stunning Sculpture’s splendid Craft
shiny Lamp’s shimmering Flame
Sanctum Sanctorum’s stately Glow
sparkling Camphor’s radiant Luminance
heartfelt Prayer’s humble Submission

anticipated Birth’s abrupt Beginning
unexpected Death’s lasting Endlessness
selfish Action’s versatile Skill
solemn Loneliness’ stoic Solitude
constant Question’s ceaseless Search
convoluted Answer’s condensed Confusion
stripped Ignorance’s stark Pain
ripped Ego’s meek Surrender

enlightened Master’s boundless Grace
entrenched Meditation’s tranquil Silence
selfless Volunteer’s cheerful Service
euphoric Devotion’s erased Selfishness
until now Existence’s pointless Why
from now on Forever annihilated ‘I’
rhapsodic Realization’s unwrapped 3rd Eye
ecstatic Bliss’ endless Joydrops…

In the Beginning of Whichever,
In the End of Whenever,
In the Middle of Wherever,
In Countless shifting Shapes,
With Limitless vibrant Hues,
And Myriad manifest Forms
of Life in the lap of Nature lurks...
Everlasting Presence of Eternal Divine!

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