Monday, 3 February 2014

Income's Expense!

Many have time in abundance,
to speak something endlessly.
Few have patience aplenty,
to hear anything ceaselessly.

Tireless talkers leave
having spent countless words,
hunting for the next mute game.
Tiresome listeners too leave
having got limitless words,
searching for the headache balm!

In this pointless word-filled
income's expense math,
Fate's impact doesn't get subtracted...
Life's meaning doesn't get added...
Knowledge's volume doesn't get multiplied...
Love's intensity doesn't get divided...
Nor does boundless silence's
breadth, length and depth get calculated...

Wherever in places we
Humans keep speaking and hearing
Forever words, sans any experience of
Life, the way it is...
Like scattered alphabet flowers
fallen from severed sound thread…
Lie around in a heap of waste,
lots of words spent in haste!


1 comment:

  1. Good one Prakash...

    Liked the way u used the functions performed in Maths in poetry :)