Tuesday, 31 December 2013

All That & More!

The Aura from the glow
Glow of the flame
Flame from the wick
Wick lit by a matchstick
Matchstick made from a tree
Tree growing on the ground
Ground storing deep within oil
Oil filled in the lamp
Lamp crafted from mud

Mud dug up from mother earth
Earth nourishing all Life
Life in myriad shapes, size, hue and forms
Forms of five senses flourishing on this planet
Planet orbiting the blazing sun
Sun anchoring the solar system
Solar system amidst the vast universe
Universe and beyond it the deep space
Space shrinking between self and the supreme

Supreme that is omnipresent and unmanifest
Unmanifest that manifests itself as a realized Master
my Master, Sadhguru, is
All That & More!

~ @PrakashSwamy


  1. Very nicely written poem Swobb.. the flow was too good..

    This type of poetry has a name... Forgot it :(

    HNY 14 :)

    1. _/\_ Found out (obviously after writing this one ;) it's called Chainverse! http://www.webexhibits.org/poetry/explore_obscure_chain_atglance.html

  2. #Chainverse - an obscure form of #poetry . Lines often rhyme; the last word or syllable of one stanza is repeated as the first word or syllable of next stanza.
    "All That & More!" is a #Chainverse!
    Info courtesy http://www.webexhibits.org/poetry/explore_obscure_chain_atglance.html

  3. Loved this Swamy!!! I narrowly missed reading this one... I know you write amazingly well but was not sure about this POETRY aspect... I think you are truly blessed with more than MANY skills :-) Please keep Swamyem activooooooooooo active... Loved it and enjoyed the pics alongside the blissful lines... truly touching...