Monday, 1 December 2014

Who am I...

When the bird soars way too high
Flies and floats with nary a sigh
Who am I
… To doubt its aim
Of reaching the edge of vast blue sky!

When the flower blossoms casting a spell
Freeing the bud’s petals from a lull
Who am I
… To ponder its hue
Whether it’s too bright or a bit dull!

When the furry pup wags its tail
Every time I pass her without fail
Who am I
… To suspect its love
Pure and clear as water in a pail!

When the rain pours and lashes the city
Drenching all and sundry without any pity
Who am I
… To curse its fury
When hail and drizzle sound like a ditty!

When the lithe peacocks sashay and prance
Waving bluish green feathers as they dance
Who am I
… To mock their swing
That never fails to keep gawkers in trance!

When the sun rises at dawn
Waking all beings wiping a yawn
Who am I
… To shield those rays
Without which there’s no man, fawn or lawn!

When the baby babbles and smiles
Setting alight any land for miles
Who am I
… To block its warmth
That could cleanse the humans’ wiles!

When the brassy temple bell tolls
As its wave of sound rises and rolls
Who am I
… To shut my ears
When AUM fills to brim the aural wells!

When the young fall in love with desire
Burning with passion like wood on a pyre
Who am I
… To lock my heart
As inclusion ember glows long after the fire!

When repetitive routine leaves a big void
And life just goes on as if you are a droid
Who am I
… To not remind y’all
Rat race is something you can choose to avoid!

When work life soars with many battles won
Consuming us fully as we continue to run
Who am I
… To not look inward
Since Life’s work remains yet to be done!

When wave after wave kisses the shore
Without a pause but no need to score
Who am I
… To stop their foray
Since ceaseless effort is realization’s core!

When illness and injury show we’re frail
As mountains and oceans stay nonpareil
Who am I
… To not stay still
So my will to know the Truth does not derail!

When the thirst to know gets so intense
Washing away all known pretense
Who am I
… To refuse to quench
With my Master’s Grace, forever hence!

~ @PrakashSwamy

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